7 SEO myths you didn’t know about

  • October 2, 2017
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We are living in a world of digitalization where everything around is related to Internet. The Internet has become an Encyclopedia. If you need any information or any details Google search or any search engine inquiry is the first thing that we do for getting answers. So how is it that Google or any such search engine helps to find out the correct answer that we are looking for? Well, this is all because of SEO. Let us get more details about what exactly SEO is and what are the few myths that we always had regarding SEO.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means that whenever we enter certain words in the search engine on the basis of that, the top results are displayed on the search engine. The search engine actually optimises and tries to understand what the user is exactly looking for. Then it sends its crawlers on thousands of websites at the same time and retrieves data that are matching to the keywords that you have entered into the search engine. The website that will be having the same keywords as the keywords entered by the user searching for the particular data only those websites will be displayed on the first page. Hence it is very important for the websites to rank on the search pages for the correct keywords so that they can get more traffic on their website.


7 myths you didn’t know about SEO

Here are a few myths that most of the people had about SEO which you never knew about.


  1. Great content does not mean supreme ranking

For many years it was considered that if the content of a website is great it will automatically get ranked on the search engines. As told earlier when a user makes a search the search engine sends its crawlers on the different websites to search for the right data. It does not matter if you have a very great content. If the spiders cannot read the content or cannot retrieve the information from that content it is of no use. Hence it is very important that the crawlers can understand the content that is written on your website and retrieve the data so that your website ranks on the search engine.


  1. Keyword density could boost your website

In the early days, it was assumed that keyword density is what actually boosts your ranking on Google or any other search engine. But over the years this has become a myth and can harm the ranking of your website very badly. Over the period of years, the search engines are becoming smarter and smarter, the algorithms that these search engines have are self-developing. Hence if the content is found to be stuffed with keywords, it does not get ranking, and it affects the traffic on your website. Hence it is very important that you strictly follow the percentage of keyword density and do not stuff your content with keywords.


  1. SEO is a one-time job

Most of the people think that SEO is just a one-time job and does not require working on regular basis. This is the biggest myth that anybody in the field of SEO can have. SEO is a consistent and daily work. One needs to put efforts on a daily basis so that the ranking of the website can be improved and can be consistent over the period.


  1. Page ranking matters

Many people in the field of SEO believe that page ranking actually matters and they should see a change as they work on the SEO. But it is not true it happens only a few times in a year that the page ranking of the website gets changed. Hence more emphasis should be given on the crawl-ability of the website and a little less on the page ranking.


  1. Getting links and providing links for your website

Initially, people did not think that linking that website to other websites could create a better ranking on the search engines. But this has changed over the years most of the SEO experts now suggest that one must link their website to other popular websites in order to get more traffic and in to get more ranking on the search engine.


  1. PPC helps increase organic traffic

Many people confuse PPC and SEO. PPC is basically a paid way to get traffic on your website. It only helps you in creating effective blogs and in getting traffic which can be analyzed by you. Whereas SEO does not do any such thing, it is just the original format in which your website ranks on the search engine naturally and is free of cost.


  1. SEO helps improve business

This is one of the biggest myths and hence I have addressed it in the last section. SEO is not the ultimate thing that you need for your website. It is very important that you also have an on-page SEO that means when a user comes to your website for a particular keyword he must actually get the required information that he was searching for. If the bounce back rate is more automatically your ranking will go low on the search engine.

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